Toyota Teased Two New SUVs At Prado Launch

Toyota Teased Two New SUVs At Prado Launch

Toyota is expanding its SUV portfolio with the introduction of new models as the company recently revealed the all-new Land Cruiser Prado as it is expected to increase market share in the SUV portfolio, especially in markets like North America and Europe. During the end of the Land Cruiser Prado event, the company showcased the product portfolio slide and we noticed two new SUVs which can be identified from the silhouette as one could be a crossover model while the other is a proper off-road-like SUV.

Several reports have indicated that the FJ Cruiser which was discontinued last year could make a return to the market as an electric model and the first SUV from the teaser appears to have a similar design to the FJ Cruiser. This will make the model even popular especially in markets like Europe as emission norms are getting more stringent passing every year. Toyota is one of the manufacturers who are late to the EV segment as the company was focusing more on Hybrid vehicles.

The Japanese manufacturer is also planning to introduce a modern crossover electric model to take on models from Volkswagen and other manufacturers. The crossover appears to be a five seater with design like the station wagon models. Toyota hasnt given any details about these products but we can expect the company to be aggressive as they are losing market share in EV space. We are expecting Toyota to introduce a mass market Ev model sometime in 2025 followed by the launch of Suzuki’s version.

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