About Us

Pilot On Wheels Moto is to offer unbiased professional reviews to help customers choose the right product. Initially, they focused on YouTube and the response from auto enthusiasts was really good as POW quickly became one of the leading Malayalam Automobile Channels in YouTube. This gave confidence to both founders to expand the platform which resulted in the English website of Pilot On Wheels and it will be soon followed by Malayalam version too. Our team includes people from the different profession but they all follow the same passion which is automobiles. 

Our Team 

Roshan Joseph is the Chief Editor of Pilot On Wheels, from childhood, has always been fascinated by abt cars and bikes. However, he went on to become an engineer. Being an engineer by profession he steered his way through to become a pilot for a commercial airline in India. His life as a pilot in Mumbai gave him a lot of opportunities to work with big names in the automobile industry this got him to leave his life as a Pilot. With that experience he started writing content for the auto magazine, this only pulled him closer to this industry. He joined Mathrubhumi TV in 2011, to do an auto show called first drive. Seeing this industry booming and the business opportunity growing, it has only made him think abt the future of the automotive industry. His interest works around the new technologies and the eco-friendly systems in this industry. Because of the easiness in front of the camera, he connects with viewers more friendly way.

Vibin P Vijay is the Editor of Pilot on Wheels. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and from his childhood days, he was so obsessed with automobiles. But during his engineering college days, he decided to follow his passion which resulted in Autogadget and it is one of the very first English automobile blogging website in Kerala. After his graduation, Vibin joined Flywheel as Online Editor. He was also part of Indian Auto Blog and GaadiWaadi before starting POW. Like automobiles, he is a big fan of Motorsports especially Formula 1 and his favourite team is Ferrari. Vibin also likes to follow the latest updates from technologies too.