Tata Motors Likely To Offer Six Airbags With Next-Gen Tiago and Tigor

Tata Motors Likely To Offer Six Airbags With Next-Gen Tiago and Tigor

When the automobile industry was focusing on mileage, Tata Motors was the manufacturer which changed the complete perception of customers with the introduction of five-star rated cars. The company has marketed it well and to an extent, educated customers about the importance of safety. Global NCAP ratings have also played its part as Tata Motors voluntarily sends most of the products for crash tests and in some cases, made some changes to the products to improve its safety rating. Now the company is looking to get a 5-star rating for its entire portfolio.

The Tiago and Tigor are the entry-level products of Tata Motors, the current generation products are its the end of their life cycle. The company has already commenced development of the next-generation model. Even though the government has not made it mandatory for all new cars to come with six airbags if a car doesn’t come with six airbags then it doesn’t get a five-star rating in Bharat NCAP. So Tata Motors might offer six airbags as part of the standard feature on the next-generation Tiago and Tigor to improve safety.

Apart from airbags, the Indica maker will make some changes to the overall body shell of the product to increase the structural rigidity of the product. The current generation Tiago and Tigor is already one of the best in its segment when it comes to safety and features. The company hasn’t revealed many details about the new generation model but some of the things we can expect include design theme inspired by modern Tata cars along with features that are already offered in Nexon and Harrier to make it attractive.


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