Maruti Suzuki Is Planning To Sell Six Lakh CNG Cars In FY25

Maruti Suzuki Is Planning To Sell Six Lakh CNG Cars In FY25

Maruti Suzuki is gearing up for a significant boost in its CNG vehicle sales for the fiscal year 2024-25. The company anticipates a remarkable surge of over 30%, aiming to sell approximately 6 lakh CNG cars during this period. Rahul Bharti, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Maruti Suzuki India, revealed the ambitious sales target, stating, “So CNG, this year, we did about 4,50,000 units in passenger vehicles. We are hoping to do something like 6,00,000 vehicles in FY2024-25.” This projection underscores Maruti’s confidence in the growing demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions in the Indian market.

In addition to catering to the domestic market, Maruti Suzuki is eyeing substantial exports of CNG vehicles, aiming to export around 3 lakh units in the fiscal year. Bharti emphasized the company’s progress in this regard, highlighting the increase from 2,82,000 units in FY2024. He expressed optimism about further expansion, targeting approximately 3,00,000 units for the current fiscal, distributed across various markets and product offerings. Maruti’s current lineup of CNG vehicles includes popular models like the WagonR, Brezza, Dzire, and Ertiga.

Bharti noted a significant surge in demand for the Ertiga CNG variant, resulting in supply constraints. To address this challenge, Maruti Suzuki has ramped up production capacity at its Manesar plant by approximately 1 lakh units per annum, reflecting the company’s commitment to meeting the burgeoning demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions. The surge in CNG vehicle sales aligns with Maruti Suzuki’s overarching goal of promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions. By offering a diverse range of CNG-powered vehicles, Maruti aims to provide consumers with cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility options, contributing to India’s transition towards cleaner energy sources.

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