Hyundai Casper Name Trademarked In India

Hyundai Casper Name Trademarked In India

Hyundai has trademarked the Casper name in India, which could suggest that it might be used in some future models. The Hyundai Casper has garnered attention internationally as a compact and stylish urban runabout, and its potential entry into the Indian market signals a strategic move by Hyundai to capture the burgeoning demand for entry-level SUVs. While rumors of the Casper’s Indian debut have circulated for some time, its official trademark registration suggests a renewed commitment from Hyundai to explore the market potential for this diminutive SUV.

With dimensions notably smaller than its stablemate, the Hyundai Exter, the Casper is poised to carve out a niche for itself as a compact yet capable urban warrior. In terms of positioning, the Casper is expected to slot in below the Exter, potentially challenging established models like the Grand i10 Nios and even serving as a successor to the iconic Hyundai Santro. Its distinctive tallboy hatchback design, accentuated by SUV-inspired styling cues such as roof rails and a sunroof, sets it apart in the crowded subcompact segment.

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Inside, the Casper boasts a modern and funky interior with features like a Verna-inspired steering wheel, floating touchscreen infotainment system, and all-digital instrument cluster. While the interior may appear basic compared to higher-end Hyundai models, it is likely to strike a balance between functionality and affordability. Under the hood, the Casper is expected to pack a punch with a choice of engines, including a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated MPI petrol engine and possibly a turbocharged variant. Transmission options are likely to include manual and automatic variants, catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers.


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