Renault-Nissan Entry-Level EV Project Dropped, Creta EV Rival Coming

Renault-Nissan Entry-Level EV Project Dropped, Creta EV Rival Coming

Renault-Nissan has been working on an entry-level EV product for emerging markets especially for India. Earlier reports indicated that it could be based on the CMF-A platform but the latest reports suggest that the company has dropped this project. Even though we don’t know the exact reasons why the project has been called off pricing was very important for the model if they were not able to price the hatchback aggressively then it wouldn’t find many buyers and these products were not so popular in developed markets too.

Instead of this entry-level EV, the company is working on a new EV project which will be based on the CMF-B platform as this platform is already the base for the upcoming Renault Duster and Nissan SUV model. The success of these products is very important for both manufacturers. The EV SUV segment is growing at a rapid pace especially in India as Hyundai is also planning to enter this segment with the Creta EV while Maruti Suzuki is expected to introduce the production version of eVX next year.

This segment is going to be very competitive and Renault-Nissan also wants a piece of the pie. The company is working on localizing this new product as most of the R&D work will be done at the Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India. These new SUVs will use LFP battery and the expected range of these SUVs is likely to be around 300 km. The development work on this new platform has already commenced and it is expected to reach the market by the end of 2026 or early 2027. The model will be exported to global markets too.


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