Bajaj Chetak New Entry-Level Variant Spotted For The First Time

Bajaj Chetak New Entry-Level Variant Spotted For The First Time

Bajaj Chetak’s new entry-level variant has been spotted for the first time. While maintaining the signature silhouette that Chetak enthusiasts adore, Bajaj has implemented several tweaks to the equipment list to align with a more budget-friendly price point. One noticeable change is the introduction of steel wheels paired with drum brakes, a departure from the alloy wheels and disc brakes found in current variants. Additionally, opting for a conventional physical key slot over the previous keyless entry system contributes to cost-effectiveness.

In terms of aesthetics, the new variant offers a selection of vibrant colours, adding a touch of cheerfulness to its exterior. However, the cost-saving measures extend beyond cosmetic enhancements. Bajaj has replaced the coloured LCD display with a monochrome screen and replaced the lockable glove box with dual open cubbies. While details regarding changes to the powertrain remain undisclosed, speculation suggests a potential slight reduction in performance to enhance range. Notably, unlike its counterparts, this variant lacks a hub motor, raising curiosity about its performance capabilities.

We are expecting the same 2.9kWh battery pack featured in the Chetak Urbane, promising a claimed IDC range of 113km. For comparison, the Premium variant, equipped with a 3.2kWh battery and TFT display, offers an IDC range of 126km at a higher price point. Anticipation surrounds the pricing of the new entry-level variant, set to debut in May. With the Premium variant priced at Rs 1.47 lakh and the Urbane variant at Rs 1.23 lakh (ex-showroom, India), it’s anticipated that the newcomer will offer an even more budget-friendly option, expanding the appeal of the iconic Bajaj Chetak to a broader demographic.


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