Stellantis Want Electric Cars to Feel Like ICE Cars

Stellantis Want Electric Cars to Feel Like ICE Cars

One of things we really missed from switching to electric cars is the noise and vibrations as it makes driving experience much better for some people but there are enthusiasts who want to feel their cars. Stellantis is aiming to bridge the sensory gap between electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional ICE cars. With its recent patent filings for the Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) and Active Vibration Enhancement (AVE) Systems.

Reports indicate that Stellantis is not merely content with the silence of electric propulsion; it is actively seeking to replicate the visceral sensations associated with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The patent, notably referencing muscle cars, hints at a targeted approach towards upcoming models like the Dodge Charger Daytona EV.

The AVE system, as outlined in the patent, seeks to emulate the distinctive vibrations inherent in ICE vehicles, especially those powered by robust V8 engines. Employing innovative methods such as force generators to induce chassis vibrations or enhancing touchpoints like the steering wheel and driver’s seat, Stellantis aims to recreate the immersive driving experience typical of traditional vehicles.

The implications of replicating vibrations in EVs extend beyond mere novelty; they promise to redefine the perception of performance electric vehicles. By incorporating tactile feedback reminiscent of high-end racing simulators, Stellantis endeavors to elevate the driving experience to new heights, catering to enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.


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