Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept Officially Revealed

Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept Officially Revealed

Jeep has officially revealed the Wagoneer S Trailhawk Concept, a radical departure from its traditionally upright, boxy designs. This concept vehicle boasts 600 hp and a sleek, on-road-focused appearance while still catering to Jeep’s hardcore off-roading enthusiasts. Alongside its stylish look, the Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept showcases enhanced off-road capabilities that are sure to appeal to adventure-seekers. The Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept shares its foundation with the standard Wagoneer S, both riding on the STLA Large platform.

Although Jeep hasn’t specified the exact motors, it’s expected to feature the same 100.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack and dual-motor setup, delivering 600 horsepower. The Trailhawk concept stands out with a two-inch suspension lift and 31.5-inch all-terrain tyres, improving approach, breakover, and departure angles for better off-road performance. Brightly coloured tow hooks on the front and rear bumpers add functionality, while functional air extractors reduce high-pressure zones in the wheel wells during high-speed travel. The redesigned fascias come with anti-scratch cladding to protect the vehicle during off-road adventures.

In terms of driving modes, the Trailhawk concept includes Auto, Sand, Snow, Eco, and Sport modes, plus a Rock mode specifically for low-speed crawling. It also features a driver-selectable electronic locking rear axle for navigating particularly challenging trails. Inside, the Trailhawk concept boasts a new octagon-shaped steering wheel and a red-colored switch panel for drive modes and differential lock controls located behind the gear selector. A passenger grab handle ensures stability during rough rides.

Despite being labeled a concept, the Wagoneer S Trailhawk appears remarkably close to production-ready. By removing a few luxurious interior elements, this SUV could easily transition into a trim option for the Wagoneer S. Jeep is likely to introduce this model in the near future, appealing to off-road enthusiasts with its extra equipment and rugged capabilities. Although it may come with a higher price tag and reduced range efficiency, the Wagoneer S Trailhawk offers a compelling package for those who value off-road prowess.

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